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Vacation Breakfast

About Us

Since 1984 we've been obsessed to serve local Marietta with warm and delicious Southern American Breakfast. That's why we're still here, more than four decades later.


Every morning, we great our customers, seeing them enjoying their food, sip their hot coffee, in many-many years.

Some of them became like our family, we happy to see them happy...

We're out to make the world happy, one great breakfast at a time, to start everyone's day.


From the Press


Sott. S  YELP

"It's a small place and looked busy with all the vehicles outside, but we still were able to sit right away, and were approached by a server immediately. Service was fast and polite, and the food was absolutely amazing. Definitely going back."


Laure.M  YELP

"My Favorite breakfast or brunch to hang on ... its always Good . I Got addicted now, been there every other week ever since they move to their new location."



"The food was fresh and delicious! The portions were very filling. I will definitely be ordering again! I wish I could ti the cook!"

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